Paros Island

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Paros island, a pearl of Cyclades in the very heart of Aegean, welcomes visitors to enjoy its unique natural beauty and pristine waters. Located 90 miles away Piraeus, the main port of Greece and east sea gate of Europe Paros is connected by high speed boats and ferries to Mykonos (1 hour cruise), Santorini (3 hours cruise), Naxos (45 min) and Crete. The enchanting Aegean light, an attractive element for host of artists for centuries, the exquisite coast line, the beaches with crystal clear water of the sea, along with the picturesque villages create the vacation Paradise. Whitewashed houses and courtyards, with bougainvillea, geraniums and herbs, complete the dream. For the night life seekers, Paros features Parikia, the capital of the island, and Naoussa, two of the most famous centers of lively night life in east Mediterranean. Tasteful traditional and international cuisine is part of the Parian warm hospitality at all levels. For the culture and history ineterested, the archaeological sites, the traditional villages and the museums are worth paying a visit.The funs of sports will find a broad spectrum of sea sports, involving world class facilities for windsurfing, kite surfing, water skiing and scuba diving along with riding and trekking.

Paros is an island, not only of relaxation, but of the action as well.

  • WINDSURFING: Paros is one of the most famous destinations worldwide.
  • KITE SURFING: The paradise for Wind Serfers ,Punta beach is very close to Archipelagos Resort.
  • WATER SKI: In many organized beaches of Paros.
  • TENNIS: For those, looking for something more than tennis courts of Archipelagos Resort, the Tennis Club is located just a few meters away from Hotel.
  • SCUBA DIVING: In organized beaches of Paros.

The history of Paros island goes back to 4000 B.C. Places to visit include Aesculapius temple, the ancient town of Parikia, the medieval Castle, the Archaeological Museum, a great number of byzantine monasteries and churches, among which the famous Church of Panayia Ekatontapyliani, the oldest and biggest in size pre-christian monument, in Parikia.

The funs of walking and trekking will find in Paros kilometer long routes crossing plantation, wind mills and whitewashed houses in the perfectly preserved environment of the island. Most important are the store paved Byzantine trail and that of the Environmental Park with a magnificent view to Aegean.